Renewable Energy

Off-grid electricity and heat for small and medium-sized



Converts organic waste into reliable, off-grid electricity

and heat

Environmentally Friendly

Reduced landfill, greenhouse gasses and organic waste disposal

100% Renewable Electricity

RenewCo provides renewable energy on a small and medium scale by utilising innovative solutions. Our financing solution requires no customer capital outlay and allows you to buy energy below utility rates.

Our Vision

We strive to help customers reduce their reliance on fossil fuels as we work together to create a cleaner world with a lower carbon footprint.

Our Mission

We use innovation and circular economy principles to make renewable energy more accessible to small- and medium-sized applications.

Renewco presents the global energy biogas system

Global Energy provides our flagship offering. It employs cutting-edge biogas technology to convert your waste streams into dependable, off-grid electricity and (optional) heat for small- and medium-sized applications.

By utilising your waste streams, we provide an end-to-end, environmentally friendly waste management solution with little or no waste to landfill, additional water recovery and neutral liquid fertiliser.


How Renewco Works

RenewCo’s financing model eliminates the need for you, the customer, to pay any upfront capital. Instead, RenewCo funds the plant’s construction. In exchange, we enter into a power purchase agreement under which energy is sold to you at a lower cost than you would pay to Eskom.

RenewCo focuses on small- to medium-sized energy needs and aims to service the market for up to 1MW demand. Plants are typically sized to meet your specific local electricity needs and all electricity generated is directly fed back to you. Our premier solution, which is provided by Global Energy, converts organic waste into dependable, off-grid electricity and optional heat.

In addition to biogas, we also offer a variety of other renewable energy solutions as well as effluent water COD reductions. We are also continuously researching and adding technologies and services to supplement our offering


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Global Energy

RenewCo has partnered with Global Energy to bring you our flagship solution. Global Energy is a renewable energy and waste disposal company that strives to develop sustainable, organic, waste management practices. It produces world-class, patented biogas technology that’s tailored to local conditions and is a proud member of the South African Biogas Industry Association.

The biogas solution employs a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) system which allows for optimal digester sizing and effective temperature and mixing control. Our solution also includes two locally developed patents that significantly reduce construction and operational costs.

A daily metered amount of organic waste such as manure, brewery filtrate, abattoir waste, non-wood agricultural waste or food processing waste, is fed into the digesters.

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Here, bacteria convert the organic material into methane and carbon dioxide via anaerobic digestion.

The methane powers a generator that feeds into the current Eskom supply point. Sizing is intended to meet the client’s entire on-site energy requirements. A power correction system can also be installed – this retains the current supply and serves as a backup to ensure a continuous supply. 

The spent digestate is discharged to the screw press for daily dewatering. The liquid fraction is discharged to a water dam which recycles the water and produces a low-odour, high-nutrient fertiliser while the dry fraction can be used for animal bedding and compost. 

The biogas plant is fully automated and requires little maintenance. As a result, the site personnel only need to perform a brief daily plant inspection.


We believe in the circular economy principles of waste reduction, material reuse and natural system regeneration. We base our business on these principles and strive to assist our clients to transition from an extract-produce-use-dump model to a more cyclical one.

Our biogas solution contributes to this goal in several ways, including through:

  • Generating 100% renewable/sustainable energy (electricity and/or heat).
  • Using organic waste disposal methods that are environmentally friendly.
  • Reducing the reliance on landfills.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (methane is 80 times more harmful than carbon dioxide).
  • Utilising and recycling polluted water/effluent.

Our solution also naturally produces useful by-products that reduce the need for additional production. These include:

  • Natural liquid fertiliser (high NPK) which eliminates the need for additional chemical processes; and
  • High-fibre compost substrate/animal bedding that’s clean, soft and odourless.

Our Projects


Mid-size Dairy (~430Cows) in Riebeek-West


Input feed: Manure
Technology: Global Energy Biogas system
Design: 1 x 500m³ CSTR Digester
Size: ~30 000 kWh of electricity per month
Commissioned: 2021
Status: Operational


Piggery (>17 000 combined pigs) in Riebeek-Kasteel


Input feed: Manure
Technology: Global Energy Biogas system
Design: 1 x 500m³ CSTR Digester
Size: ~93 000 kWh of electricity per month
Commissioned: TBC
Status: Contracting


Brewery (~1m litres per month) in Cape Town


Input feed: Liquid Effluent
Technology: Global Energy Biogas system
Design: 1 x 60m³ UASB Digester
Size: ~720kL of effluent treated per day
Commissioned: TBC
Status: Advanced negotiations.

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